Monthly Archives: October 2013

AM – Andy Brownlee – Reaching the world for Christ

Andy Brownlee preach's at our AM service on how to reach the world for Christ Read more

Show Me The Money

Money. It affects us all of us. Not many of us think we have enough. Lots of us dream of what we could do if... Read more

Interview with Lianna Roast of Choices Community Trust

Tim Simmonds interviews Lianna Roast about the work Choices Community Trust does. CCM:City will be doing a s... Read more

AM – Andy Brownlee – Whats your view of Jesus

Andy Brownlee preaches on Whats your view of Jesus Read more

Pm – Tim Windsor Brown – Opposition (part 5)

Tim Windsor Brown continues our new series Builders & Warriors a study on Nehemiah, September - November Pr... Read more

CCM Day – Momentum

Momentum in life is a precious commodity. We all want to feel we are going in the right direction and at the... Read more

PM – Tim Simmonds – Five Girders of Prayer

Tim preaches on the Lords prayer Read more

AM – Dave Williams – David, Character of a King, Bravery

Dave Williams look at bravery a character of King David Read more