Monthly Archives: November 2013

Tim Windsor Brown – The Magnificat: Trading Places 20.11.13

Tim Windsor Brown preaches the CCM City PM Read more

Tim Simmonds – Colossians “Highway Code for Relationships” 20.11.13

Tim Simmonds is currently preaching through a series in Colossians. Read more

Giving to Christ Church Manchester

At CCM, we love generosity! We love giving to facilitate church planting, to help the marginalised and to se... Read more

Tim Simmonds – The last thing we’ll ever do 17.11.13

Tim Simmonds ends our series of Nehemiah Read more

Andy Brownlee – Transformation 17.11.13

Andy Brownlee preaches at CCM City Morning on transformation Read more

CCM DAY Dave Devenish – Self Motivation

Dave Devenish preached at our CCM Day on Self Motivation Read more

AM – Liam Thatcher – Breathing

Liam Thatcher stops by from Christ Church London to preach for CCM Read more

PM Tom O’Toole – Builders and Warriors Part 4

Tom O'Toole continues our new series Builders & Warriors a study on Nehemiah, September - November http://w... Read more