Monthly Archives: November 2014

CCM Withington 30th November 2014

Andy Brownlee preaching at CCM Withington! Read more

CCM Withington 23rd November 2014

Tim Simmonds preachin in Withington! Read more

Special Offering

At Christ Church Manchester we love being generous! Especially to those who have less than we do or are goin... Read more

CCM:Day – Session Two.

On November 8th 2014, Andy Davies preached this sermon at CCM:Day 2014. Read more

CCM:Day – Session One.

On November 8th 2014, Richard Thomas preached this sermon at CCM:Day 2014. Read more

Tim Simmonds – BigQuestions III: Is it OK to live with pot-smoking hippies as a Christian?

This sermon was preached by Tim Simmonds at CCM:City pm on the 11th May 2014 Read more

Prayer, James Aladrian – CCM City.

On November 9th 2014, James Aladrian preached this sermon on 'Prayer' at CCM City AM. Read more

God Gives Gifts – Eph 4:7-16, Tim Simmonds – CCM City.

On November 2nd 2014, Tim Simmonds preached this sermon on 'Ephesians 4:7-16' at CCM City PM. http://www.ccm... Read more

Jeremiah 29: 4-11, David Stroud – CCM CITY.

On November 2nd 2014, David Stroud preached this sermon on 'Jeremiah 29: 4-11' at CCM City AM. http://www.c... Read more

Matthew 7: 24 – 29, Daniel Watts – CCM City

On September 7th 2014, Daniel Watts preached this sermon on 'Matthew 7:24-29' at CCM City. http://www.ccm.o... Read more