Monthly Archives: October 2016

Mind blowing facebook post

He posted this about his church last Wednesday, the last line is what really got me:"Most of the evangel... Read more

A church for the poor and marginalised

The number of us gathering in the city centre is beginning to grow now and 8 of us sprawled along a booth in... Read more

Facing up to the task of Evangelism

Lord Carey once said that Christianity is one generation away from extinction. As the leader of a brand new ... Read more

CCM Prayer And Worship Night

There is something special when a bunch of people all come together with a common purpose, sing heartfelt so... Read more

Community Stretching the Atlantic Ocean…and then some

 Earlier in the day, I was contacted by Shelby, a woman who was oozing in God’s love and enthusia... Read more

First Meeting of CCM: City Centre

There was a unanimous wise decision to avoid the caffeinated drinks, so that come 11pm we weren’t still b... Read more