At Christ Church Manchester we love the Alpha Course! As a church in Manchester that loves Jesus we want to tell as many people about him as we can! The Alpha Course is a great way of doing that.

The Alpha Course is an introduction to Christianity that has been experienced by over 27 million people in 169 countries. It is a series of evenings, each starting with some food and drinks, followed by a talk about some area of basic Christian belief, and then a time of group discussion where you are free to explore any questions you have.


Alpha Course in Manchester

Our next Alpha course will begin on Tuesday 30th January 2018, and will run for 8 Tuesday nights (7:30-9:00) at Luther King House in Fallowfield. We start each evening with some good quality snacks, and then lead into some discussion around tables, a presentation about some area of Christianity and an opportunity to discuss whatever questions you have.


The sessions will be:

– Tuesday 30th January – Is There More to Life Than This?

– Tuesday 6th February – Who Is Jesus?

– Tuesday 13th February – Why Did Jesus Die?

– Tuesday 20th February – How Can I Have Faith?

– Tuesday 27th February – Why and How Do I Pray?

– Tuesday 6th March – Why and How Do I Read the Bible?

– Tuesday 13th March – Does God Heal Today?

– Tuesday 20th March – What About the Church?


In addition to the Tuesday evening sessions, there will be a more extended time together on Saturday 24th February, which will include lunch and will cover a variety of different questions about the Holy Spirit.

Participating in the Alpha Course is totally free, and please feel free to invite any others who may be interested in attending.

For more information, or to register interest please email us on or call us on 07514783397.