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How to Grow as a Disciple

The process of growing as a follower of Jesus is just the same now as it was for the original twelve discipl... Read more

Mental Health Workshop

Mental health challenges are affecting a growing number of people in our society. It is estimated that at so... Read more

CCM Prayer And Worship Night

There is something special when a bunch of people all come together with a common purpose, sing heartfelt so... Read more

Intro to CCM Evening

On Friday, October 14th, we will be running an evening called ‘Intro to CCM’, where there will be top qu... Read more

Watoto Children’s Choir

On Wednesday June 22nd, CCM welcome the Watoto Children's Choir to Gorton, where they will be performing the... Read more

A New Church in Manchester City Centre

So, how does a CCM church plant start?Well, in true CCM style, it starts with a curry.Colin has gath... Read more

Little Known Women

As part of our three-year-old son’s bedtime routine, we read him a Bible story. We recently read him the s... Read more

Easter at CCM

It’s the blazing centre of our faith as we focus on the death of Jesus for our sins and his resurrection i... Read more

Going Public

This is a good question and a very important one. Bearing witness to what God has done in our lives is part ... Read more