On Sunday the 9th of April CCM Gorton will be having Breakfast Sunday.  



The idea is simple: church is good, community is good, and food (especially bacon) is good, so on the April 9th we’ve decided to combine all of these things… and have a great morning worshipping God and building relationships with each other.  

We really lucky in Gorton to have great kids and youth ministry, led by creative and dedicated people, but whilst it’s wonderful that our kids and youth get the opportunity to learn and grow with people their own age, it’s also important that we remember that the body of Christ is diverse, made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. And we think it’s equally important to remember that we are all one in Christ, we all have our part to play in God’s community and the fact that we are all equally valuable is part of what makes Church so remarkable.

So, whilst normal Sunday mornings are great, Breakfast Sunday will be our chance for us all – youth, children and adults – to come together as the whole Gorton family and spend time with one another in a more informal environment.  

We’ll meet at the usual time (10.30 a.m.), and at the usual place (St. James’ Social Club) but instead of our usual Sunday morning service it’ll be a more relaxed affair. They’ll be time for fun and laughter, we’ll hear from the Bible, and there will be breakfast for all! 

So, all are welcome to come along – expect food, family and fun!


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell