We love to invest in our music here at Christ Church Manchester. Here is an interview with Mike Bradley looking forwards to what is to come.


Music, as you may have guessed if you’ve ever spent any time in and around our Christ Church Manchester community, is a huge passion of ours. We want to be able to be creative with music, to explore how we can worship God throughout various different musical avenues, from different instruments to different styles.

Music is a brilliant way for us to offer up praise to God, to help knit together our community and reach out to those beyond the walls of our Sunday services.

That’s why I sat down with Mike Bradley, to discuss all that is going on in the CCM world of music, what plans we have for the near future and how we hope God will move through our playing and our worshipping.

Here is what he had to say:


1. What recent musical ventures have CCM enjoyed and why is it important to us a church?


Without a doubt, music plays a big part in our society whether you go to church or not, it’s everywhere. And because of this, I think as a church it’s important to acknowledge that, and be a part of that journey within its community/city. CCM has always been blessed with an abundance of musicians and I’m so excited to get to work with them all.
This past Christmas we released our very first CCM EP of carols, in which we had 18 CCMr’s across the sites involved. Off the back of that, in January we started writing and trying out original songs across the sites for the upcoming original EP.


I personally believe it is extremely important to continue to explore not just music in church but the arts. Imagine a whole art community being run by the church open to anyone in the community. It would be glorious. I mean, we do know the most creative God in the world.


2. What plans for the near future do you have and what avenues are you exploring through music?


We have been working hard on our first all original EP. We spent the first few months of this year writing songs and trying them out on Sunday meetings and have chosen 5/6 of those to form our first batch release. We’re currently in the production stage, so lots of recording and trying things out.
We’re aiming for a single release this summer and the follow-up EP in September. To finish off the year, we will release a second set of Christmas carols which is going to be awesome!!


3. Any prayer points?


It sounds crazy but I would love CCM to own a space where we can engage in music and art whenever we want, whether to write, record or just gather together to try stuff out. Currently, every CCM band has to set up and practice right before each service and its a lot sometimes. I would love to have space where bands could meet in the week to practice out new ideas.


Also just because I’m greedy I want to ask for more musicians and producers and writers to join. I’d especially love some more producers who could multiply what I’m doing.



I hope you can see that our music work is a huge priority of what we want to do as a Church. As such, with our first Give Big of the year on the horizon, this is an aspect that we want to fund and to support.

We also want to use the money from our upcoming Give Big collection to fund our music ventures, our development of youth and kids, improving our web presence, and interacting with our local and global communities more and more. We want to worship God through our giving and we see the first Give Big of 2017 as the perfect chance to be abundantly generous, just as He has been to us.


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell