Christ Church Manchester will be praying for all sorts of topics the week starting September 11th. Here is all the information you need to know.


Cutting out time to pray can be really difficult. We lead busy lives. Time is a precious commodity. And praying can often feel like a chore, not the reward that it is.


But it is still important. In fact, it is vital. That is why we, at Christ Church Manchester, want to do it. So, starting on Monday, September 11th, we are going to pray throughout the week for a number of different topics, from the poor and vulnerable in our city to mission around the world.


We will be having daily emails with prayer points for the given topic, we will be blogging throughout the week, delving into the details, and we will be having interviews with people in our congregation that have innate relationships and understanding of different aspects of life that we want to pray for.


We will also be running a #PrayerPals scheme through the week, where we encourage people to pray in prayer, take a selfie, and join in the conversation by sharing their selfie with ‘#PrayerPals’.


There’ll be loads more on, from prayer walks through our local communities to a CCM-wide prayer meeting, and it is sure to be a time to keep your eyes peeled for what is happening. To give you a little information, here is an outline of the topics that we will be praying for throughout the week:


Monday 11th: Christ Church Manchester
Tuesday 12th: Students in Manchester
Wednesday 13th: Poor and Vulnerable
Thursday 14th: Industry in Manchester
Friday 15th: International Mission


On Thursday, 14th September at 7:30 PM, we will host a CCM-wide Prayer Meeting at Luther King House. We will come together across all our sites, worship together and pray for all of the topics and more that have been touched on throughout the week.


Make sure that you follow us on social media and keep an eye out in your emails. We can’t wait to start praying for God’s Kingdom to move and we hope that you can join us too!!


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell