We love to train and develop people here at Christ Church Manchester. Here is an interview with Andy Brownlee looking forwards to what is to come.


As a Church bursting with young and talented individuals, we want to be able to grow, develop and invest in people. That is especially true for those who feel that they are called to serve the Church, whether that be for a short time or for a more sustained period.

Consequently, we are bolstering our training methods within our Church. We want to hone people’s skills in whatever stream of Church life they want, we to teach people deep Theology, debating, discussing and exploring many of the detailed and deep issues of the Bible, and we want to see God’s Kingdom grow as a result of our investment in them through Him.

In this post, I will interview Andy Brownlee, who heads up CCM’s training and development programs, looking at what changes we are making to the avenues that we already have established, and what new projects are commencing in the coming period.

Here is what he had to say:


1. What new training and development projects do Christ Church Manchester have in store?


We have enjoyed hosting Frontier Project (FP) members throughout recent years. You may have bumped into Stephen McKenzie and Stuart MacGregor this year and seen them get heavily involved in much of what we have been doing as a Church.


Moving forward, we want to professionalise and fine tune this process. Alongside the FP training during the year that Catalyst hosts at Bedford, we will also provide extra training and development for those placed within our congregations. This will involve a mixture of serving and training but, most importantly, it will be tailored to the desires and the interests of the individual.


We will provide people with one-to-one mentors who can grow them into experts in a particular aspect of Christian life, whether that be Worship, Kids and Youth, Preaching and Teaching, Evangelism or many more. Ultimately, we want to invest heavily and significantly in people who can help bring God’s Kingdom to Earth.


2. Are there other avenues of training and development for the whole of the congregation at Christ Church Manchester?


Yes. Starting in January 2018, we will be running a year-long School of Theology for those who want to delve deeper into studying the Bible. We already run regular Preaching Courses where we teach the nuts and bolts of how to construct and deliver a preach. But we have noticed that there is room to grow in our understanding of the Bible, grappling with the deeper, complex issues that it produces.


This will run for 10 Saturday mornings throughout the whole year and will be led by myself with some outside speakers coming in to lead some of the sessions. The true benefit of this course is the long-lasting impact that it can have. For example, a community group leader may come to the course for the year. As a result, they are able to invest with great power and authority in those around them, such that they then become inspired to tell their friends about Jesus.


There is a knock-on effect throughout our congregation and our local communities, and that is where the School of Theology truly shines.


3. Are there any prayer points for us to be praying for regarding CCM’s training and development avenues?


Prayer is always needed, so yes.


Firstly, prayer for wisdom, for myself, for those teaching during the FP year, for those teaching the School of Theology, and for those who are wanting to be a part of either.


Secondly, we want people to invest in, especially for FP year. So please be praying that God will stir people’s hearts and bring us people that are willing to be taught and to serve.


Finally, please pray that God would work in all that we do. This is the first year where we are running the School of Theology and the first year where we are adding our own training and investment to the FP year. We really want both to be successful in the short term, but also, to establish themselves as great training opportunities for people long into the future. For that to be the case, we need God to work in it.




I hope you can see that training and developing people is a huge priority of what we want to do as a Church. As such, with our first Give Big of the year on the horizon, this is an aspect that we want to fund and to support.

We also want to use the money from our upcoming Give Big collection to fund our music ventures, our development of youth and kids, improving our web presence, and interacting with our local and global communities more and more. We want to worship God through our giving and we see the first Give Big of 2017 as the perfect chance to be abundantly generous, just as He has been to us.


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell