What do I mean by church online? When you work for a church you spend a lot of time with people. These people make you laugh, cry, celebrate, commiserate and be endlessly impressed.

Usually, that occurs in coffee shops, restaurants, around fire pits or in homes across the great city of Manchester. It’s a bit of a privilege to go on a journey with the church as we all try and work out what it means to be a disciple.

This year has seen an usual development in how I have been meeting with a particular group of people.

Last summer I realised that a number of people from Christ Church Manchester were going abroad for a year to study and I wanted to keep them connected to Manchester as well as help them navigate a year in a foreign culture.

So David Moseley (China), Rach Hattam (Spain), Anna Kell (Sweden), Emy Idaewor (France), and Thomas Belshaw (Japan) agreed to meet up on Google hangouts every few weeks to be CCM:Everywhere (we brand everything).

Church Online
Church Online – CCM Everywhere

It has been utterly brilliant. We read the bible, we laugh at Tom’s hair and we pray for each other.

One of my particular highlights was studying James and hearing him challenge us on the power of the spoken word. Each member of the group told stories of how living in a country with a different language had given them a new appreciation for the power of words. In their experience words can be used to isolate or can build a new connections and communities. My group of distant friends bought this passage into a whole new light!

Anyways, if you are taking a year abroad let us know and we will look to connect you with us back in Manchester.


Written by:Tim Simmonds