At Christ Church Manchester, we love students! But we also understand that moving away from home for the first time, coming to what may be a new city, having to meet new people and make new friends can be really difficult. So, because of that, we are putting on a load of different events during Fresher’s Week to help welcome in the new influx of Manchester based students.

Freshers Week Events

During that first week at uni, there is tonnes going on, and we would love to invite you to join with us to have loads of fun, eat plenty of food, chat loads and make a bunch of great new friends.

Details of all the events going on are below:

Church in Fallowfield

One of the big things to do on arriving in Manchester is finding a church near university. The CCM:City site of Christ Church Manchester meets right in the heart of Fallowfield and is just a short walk from both Uni. of Manchester and Man. Met.

We meet twice each Sunday (10am and 6pm) and the meetings are made up of practical Bible teaching, dynamic worship and lots of great cake. We make a point of hanging out together after the meetings, and will be hosting student lunches after the morning meeting and pub trips after the evening.

The meetings are at Luther King House on Brighton Grove, which you can find on the map below.

Community Groups

One of the key parts of church life for usĀ is community, and every week we run community groups where a bunch of us pile round somebody’s house for fun, food, Bible chats and prayer. We will have new groups running for the new term, and you can find all the details about them at our Sunday meetings or you can drop us a line if you prefer and we can let you know what groups we have.

If you have any questions about any of our Freshers program, then please email Emily Williams at