The CCM gap year programme is a great opportunity to grow and develop on a personal and spiritual level, to receive high quality theology and skills training and to put your skills to use in serving the church.


Gap Year at CCM

The CCM FP gap year runs from September – July and we ask people to commit to this programme for these 10 months. You will take part in various ‘projects’ that support the mission of the church under the guidance of a line manager. You will be involved in the day-to-day running of the church, including both supporting the admin team, and setting up Sundays and other church events.

You will also go to a regional training base in Bedford for regular training blocks to receive teaching in theology and skills for ministry. Between these blocks, your weekly schedule will include study time, where you have the opportunity to process and look more deeply into the things you have learned.

But most of all doing FP means being devoted to serving the members of the church. This includes being proactive in meeting and welcoming new people, facilitating people getting involved in Community Groups and making real friendships, and empowering and equipping others to grow in their giftings.


A Typical Week

As a guideline, a standard FP week will be spent on:

– Weekly study time/coursework

– Day to day serving at church site (admin, setup, staff meetings etc)

– Personal and spiritual development

– Training and Outreach (Thursday mornings)

– Streams

– Community group

– Bedford training

– Sunday meetings

The precise breakdown of these elements in a week will look different from one person to the next because it will be built around the stream you have chosen and the schedule of your Line Manager.



The CCM FP programme is designed to help you make the most of your own skills and areas of interest in church life, and at the beginning of the year, you will be able to choose a ‘stream’ of church life in which you would like to grow and develop. During your year you will receive specific training and ministry opportunities in the stream that you have chosen.

Examples of streams include worship/music, student work, youth work, kids work, evangelism, discipleship, church operations, church planting, Bible teaching and mercy ministries. This is not an exhaustive list, and if there are other areas that interest you, it may be possible to develop new streams in those areas.



The FP year is designed to be a year of personal growth and equipping for ministry, and training plays an important role in the year.

This training takes three forms.

The first is the training blocks at the Bedford training base. Six times a year you will come together with FPers from other churches for a week of theology and skills training, delivered by experienced leaders from around the country. Five of these training blocks will be at the Bedford base, and the other one will be a trip to Center Parcs. You will be set additional assignments during these training blocks to complete in your own time.

In addition to the training at Bedford, there will be in-house training at CCM. Every Thursday morning you will gather with other gap year students in the church and these times will alternate between training on practical Christian living and outreach activities.

The third type of training is specific to your chosen stream and will be worked out with your line manager.


Mission Trip

The FP year also includes an overseas mission trip in June. This is optional and would cost around £500.



The FP year costs a total of £1350. As a church, CCM will contribute £850 of these fees for each gap year student, plus travel expenses to and from Bedford for the training blocks. The remaining £500 needs to be paid by the FPer themselves before the gap year begins.

During the FP year itself, the main expenses to be aware of are living costs. We are happy to help you set a budget for the year, and it would be possible to combine the FP year with part-time work that can pay your rent and bills.



To register interest or for more information about the CCM gap year, either speak to your site leader or email Andy Brownlee (