Have you ever been in a season of life where you’re earnestly waiting, maybe for your ideal job, life partner, or beautiful home? The list goes on and on. What I want to articulate in light of these seasons is that if you’re in one, you should be excited. Here’s why.

Excitement may not spring to mind as something obvious to expect. Of course, ‘waiting’ can be seen as something to firmly avoid. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In essence, a waiting period confronts us with a choice: give it to God, or place it above Him and assume some level of control. If the former is our go-to, God will reveal how much more we need Him rather than the thing we’re waiting for. And in actual fact, that is what we truly need to know rather than our attaining of that specific thing. This is the perfect opportunity for God to reveal how He wants to rearrange our disordered loves, something Augustine talked about in his Confessions, and it takes the process of a waiting season where all our control is stripped away to produce the perfect soil for God to inspire true growth.

I have recently been going through this season myself, waiting on future job prospects. One evening I was reading Hosea and I came across chapter 2 verse 14. Now up to this point in Hosea God had been pronouncing His judgement on Israel for their prostitute-like behavior in turning to other gods. But immediately God states this: ‘Therefore, behold, I will allure her [Israel], I will bring her into the wilderness, and speak comfort to her.’ The NIV states ‘…and speak tenderly to her.’ The Spirit in that moment gripped my heart. Not only was this a stunningly merciful equation to me, Israel had rejected God therefore He was to speak comfort and tenderness to her, but this was to be done in the wilderness. In stating such, what God is saying to us is that our ears our more open to His voice when we are in a position of vulnerability, a time when we cannot cling to anything else. That is the place God wants to sing sweet songs over us.

Does your waiting feel like the wilderness? Beautiful. Give thanks to the Lord who allures you away from the rush of the world to bring you to Himself and only Himself, not to Himself and a few other things you hold highly. So then, what is promised to us? The things we are waiting for? Not always. However, what we are promised is something of far greater worth, and that is a journey of Christ-like refining every day. And a waiting season is the perfect example of this since we begin to realize only He can be sovereign over our hearts, not our future career.

Psalm 130 provides an insight into David’s waiting season for redemption. ‘Out of the depths’ David cried to the Lord, out of his deepest sorrow and pain he asked the Lord to hear him. David then tells his soul to wait like that of a watchman. Though a broken man at the beginning of the psalm David turns wholly to God and he begins to shout truth about his Lord. By the end of the psalm David has regained a new understanding of God’s mercy and deliverance. He came broken, he left rejoicing in words of solid truth.

Let that be you today, your wait is an invitation to trust God as your everything and to pursue Him far deeper. For when we behold our King our gaze cannot turn away since we’ve found it all in Him. He is Lord over your wait.


Written by:Abigail Armstrong