He posted this about his church last Wednesday, the last line is what really got me:

“Most of the evangelistic endeavours we employ in the western world are event based. We (church leaders) put on events and encourage church members to invite their friends in order that we (church leaders or invited evangelists) can lead those friends to Christ. We spend lots of money on advertising, hiring venues, bands, entertainers and evangelists. And then we (nearly always) get disappointed because ‘the people’ didn’t bring ‘their friends’. I know that may not be true in your world but it has been the case in mine (and many of my church leader friends).

So instead of doing this I trained a group of ordinary people from my church to share the Good News simply to strangers on the street.

The thought of doing this terrified me. I had done this stuff years ago. It was hard work and didn’t really work.

So, as I faced the prospect of getting out there again I had to examine my heart and ask why it terrified me so much. I had to recognise that I had become indifferent to people who didn’t know Christ. My heart had become cold.

I also had to recognise that I had lost confidence in the power of the Gospel to change and transform people’s lives. I’d been around church too long trying to fix broken people, helping people with doubt and unanswered prayer and struggling with my own stuff and disappointments.  Did I still believe ‘just one touch from the King could change everything’?

And on top of that there was the question of ‘follow up’. We are about making disciples not simply encouraging people to make a decision.

So, I took my fear, doubts and questions and took the plunge and ‘got out there’.

We’ve been on the streets of Southampton over the past 9 days. Over 450 people have now prayed a prayer of response to Jesus.”

How amazing is that?

I don’t know about you but I’d like see that happen in our City too

At our Church in Withington (ccm.org.uk) we are going to be running a similar course to the one Billy Kennedy used to train his church. It is called: ‘Gospel Conversation Training’ and will run from Friday 25th Nov (7:30pm-9pm) to Saturday 26th Nov (9am-3:30pm). You will be trained to share the gospel with people in a really simple way, lead them to christ and disciple them.

The sad thing I’ve discovered over the last few months is that many Christians don’t know how to do these things. The inspiring thing I’ve found is that when people are taught how to do these things and they do them, God shows up, people get saved and the kingdom increases.

I’m praying that not just our Church in Withington but many churches across Manchester catch this vision.

If you want more information about the course or you would like to book in, contact Andy Brownlee at andy@ccm.org.uk


Written by:Andy Brownlee