Oasis was started about twenty years ago when Victoria Armstrong had a vision of God’s love being pumped out 24-7 through the streets of Gorton.

Out of this vision, Victoria started a day-centre which has become a lifeline to dozens of local people each week. Many of the people that Oasis work with are the most vulnerable in society, including families living on benefits, asylum seekers, refugees, the homeless, people struggling with alcohol or drug abuse or mental health issues.

When people arrive at the Oasis Centre, they are met by a dedicated team who offer friendship and support, access to help and life advice, emergency support and affordable clothing.

At the moment Oasis is based at Collier House and opens Mondays-Wednesdays, but having been offered a plot of land by the council for a £1 they will in the near future be embarking on an exciting new building project to construct a brand new purpose built Oasis Centre.

If you would like to know about Oasis, visit their website and if you are interested in getting involved please email Victoria Armstrong on victoriaarmstrong.oasis@live.co.uk