As a part of Prayer Week, on Friday, we will pray for International Mission


Although we are a Manchester-based Church who are called to Manchester and the bringing of God’s Kingdom to the community within Manchester, we are also a part of the worldwide Church and have a responsibility, as Jesus states in Acts, to witness Him to the ends of the earth.


Through Colin Baron and other members of our congregation, we have links with Churches throughout the world, from Brazil to Ukraine, Germany to South Africa. We support through prayer, through visits and through finances. We feel that it is important to be able to see God’s Kingdom move in parts of the world that we may not live in but have contact with.


So, as a part of Prayer Week, we want to pray for International Mission. We want to lift up those Churches who work in countries ravaged by war and conflict. We want to pray for those Churches who exist in communities of great poverty and shortage. We want to pray for those Churches who are persecuted, attacked and sometimes killed for their faith. We want to pray for the working of God in countries and continents and communities and societies apart from ours.



Here are some things to consider as you pray for the international Church and its workings:


Germany – As Tim details in the above video, we have links with a couple called Nathan and Rada in Munich. They planted in Munich and are trying to build a church there. That is a difficult and often disheartening thing to do. So please pray, not only for the logistics of planting a church – venue, finances, people to join –, but also for Nathan, Rada and their family, that God will settle them in Germany and that they will feel comforted by the Creator of the Universe.


People fleeing war zones – As many are well aware, there are countries throughout our world that have been ripped a part with war and conflict. As a result, people are fleeing their homes, making desperate endeavours across continents and seas, hopeful for safety and shelter. Please be praying for these people, that they can stay safe during their journeys and that, as more and more come, we are able to help them and accommodate them.


Colin Baron – Colin often travels throughout the world, investing in and building up the Churches that he visits. We want to support him as he does this. Please be praying that he has the energy to travel around, please pray that he can be of great use to those he visits and please pray for wisdom and discernment as he advises and invests in the Churches that he travels to.


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell