As a part of Prayer Week, on Monday, we will pray for Christ Church Manchester and all that God is doing within us.


Ever noticed how Paul prays for the Churches that he writes to? He almost always opens or ends his letters with a note of his prayers for the people of the Church he is writing to, for the work that Church is doing in their city, and that the Holy Spirit may inhabit them, work with them and aid them.


The reason is simple: Church is important and prayer works. So praying for Church is a natural consequence. Because of that, we want to pray for Christ Church Manchester, for the many people in our congregation, for all the work that God is inspiring within us, for all the different events that we host at all of our different sites, for all of the communities that we interact with, have contact with and can do mission within.


So, to open Prayer Week, we thought that we’d start by asking you to pray for us. There are loads of different areas that we need prayer for, from the development of leaders to more drummers. We could list tonnes of things that we need God to work in. But here are a few that we would love you to pray for this Monday:



City Centre – In January, we are starting our fifth site, based in the city centre. We are in the process of finding a venue, we have a group of people committed to the new plant and we have a God who is supporting us. Please pray that the logistics of planting a new site can be seamlessly solved, that the community is knitted together during the early weeks and months of the plant, and that God brings more and more people to us as we plant another site.


Musicians – In being a multi-site church, we are always looking for more musicians. Guitarists, drummers, singers, bass players and pianists. They are invaluable to our services on Sundays, and because we will soon be running six different meetings across five sites, we will only need more musicians.


Leaders – There are many leaders in CCM that work tirelessly to ensure the running of the Church is done so smoothly. It is not an easy job. Let’s pray for those who lead us – Tim and Vicki Simmonds, Colin and Mary Baron, Andy and Elizabeth Brownlee, Andy and Victoria Armstrong, Graham and Marion Harrop, Dave and Emily Williams, Tom and Emma O’Toole – and pray that God continues to support their work, to encourage their families and to bless their lives.


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell