As a part of Prayer Week, on Thursday, we will pray for Industries in Manchester


It is often a mistake that Christians believe that you must be working for a church or a ministry to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. But we are not called to be an insular society that only looks after one another, ensuring that each one is furthering their faith and deepening their relationships with God without ever considering those around us who do not ascribe to the same beliefs.


Actually, we want to be a people that brings God’s Kingdom to all areas of society. We want to bring it to our Universities and schools. We want to bring it to our homes and our families. We want to bring it to our friendships. We want to bring it to our work.


There is great power in being a Christian influence in the workplace. Working with the knowledge that God is the ultimate boss, rather than just our human bosses, means that we should be working and acting in a dutiful and industrious manner, managing people with respect and care, and serving people humbly and unselfishly. These are all things that help to show others around us the love of God.


Like it or not, we spend approximately a quarter of our time at work. That is a lot. There are great opportunities to be a Christian influence in those places. While we may talk a lot about our friends or our families or our housemates or our neighbours and local communities, we often seem to forget those we work with.


So, as we continue Prayer Week, please be praying that God will use those where they work and that we will see His Kingdom come and His will be done in all sorts of sectors and industries throughout our city.



Here are few things, in particular, that you could consider praying for:


Positions of Influence – Please be praying that Christians of real character and faith will be placed in positions of genuine and significant influence in a variety of areas. Pray that God will support those who are already in such positions and please pray that we will see Christian leadership enacted throughout our city.


Opportunities – Being able to tell people about Jesus is difficult enough. Doing it at work, where time may be tight, politics may be rife and pressure is high, is even more daunting. Please pray that God will provide opportunities to tell people about our faith, and that He will place people in our lives who are attentive to what we say and responsive to what He is working within them.


Energy – Working can be extremely draining and demanding. Boredom can be great and energy supplies low. Please pray that God will provide people with the rest that they need, that He will replenish their energy and recharge their batteries. Please pray that, as a congregation in the workplace, we can be extremely diligent, enthusiastic and energetic workers, representing God’s Kingdom in an honourable and hardworking manner.


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell