As a part of Prayer Week, on Tuesday, we will pray for our Students, both those within our congregation at Christ Church Manchester and in our city.


The time of being a student is an especially significant one. For many, it is the first time that they move away from home, when ideas of a career begin to form and when adulthood is learned. Some will meet their future spouses, develop deep, lifelong friendships, deepen in their relationships with a Church, and grow in their faith.


Being in a city with a high number of students, we want to be a Church that blesses them, that provides them with a safe place to profess and enrich their relationship with God, to do mission with their friends at University, and to embrace adulthood wholeheartedly.


So, during Prayer Week, we want to dedicate a day where we lift students to God. We want to pray for those coming to Manchester for the first time, perhaps a little scared and nervous about what is ahead. We want to pray for those who are nearing the end of their course and are beginning to think about what lies beyond University. We want to pray for those who are studying Masters and PHDs, who are pushing the boundaries of their subjects, researching new and interesting topics, understanding more and more about a particular industry or issue.



Moreover, as you are praying today, please pray for these matters:


Mental Health – Given the stress of becoming an adult, moving away from home, exams, dissertations, making friends, presentations and essays, and all the other uncertainties and expectations that come with being a student, mental health is an area of real concern. We want to pray for those that struggle with depression, anxiety and other mental health issues, asking God to comfort those who do, and to educate and help those who have regular contact with those who are suffering.

Settling In – This is an issue that is especially pertinent to new students. We want to ask God to help those who are moving to Manchester for the first time, with little prior knowledge of the city, perhaps with no prior friendships or relationships with anyone currently living in the city. Moving to a new place can be scary and we want God to help.


Unreached People Group – While there are no official statistics that are especially clear, it’s fair to say that the number of Christians at University is decreasing. Christians are a minority. There is a great chance to see God’s Kingdom move in an area that is largely unreached. We have a wonderful opportunity. So, let’s pray that God puts us in positions to reach out to students who do not know Him, to empower those in our congregation to interact with their non-Christian friends, and to build a community and a space that allows students to ask questions and explore a relationship with God.


Written by:Andy Dowdeswell