The School of Theology aims to enable, empower and inspire people to think theologically and to study and apply Scripture in a profound and life transforming way.  It is open to anyone: simple enough to be grasped, yet deep enough to be challenging. It is a great place to ask questions, challenge assumptions, stretch thinking and grow in faith.

School of Theology will give you a firm foundation in Biblical Theology, an understanding of how it relates to us in our day and an opportunity to grow in your own personal sense of calling. If you want to go deeper into God’s Word then don’t miss out. The course starts in January 2018 and runs over two years, with ten sessions each year.

Year one of the course covers the Old Testament with Year two covering the New Testament. Throughout both years we will also cover all the major topics of Theology.


The course has been built to be accessible by people who have a lot going on in their work and home lives. We meet for one Saturday morning per month, from 9:00am until 12:30pm, and the optional assignments and further study are developed to fit into a busy life.




January 20th 2018 – How God’s Story Shapes Our Lives

Bible Overview & Doctrine of Scripture

Bible Overview – In the first part of this lesson we will get into the big story of the Bible, understanding the overarching narrative that runs right through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and look at how to approach the different types of literature that we find inside.

Doctrine of Scripture – How do we know that the words that we find in our Bible are truly the word of God? What is it that makes these 66 books inspired, and what does that mean for ‘difficult verses’ that we find therein? What should we do with other so-called ‘gospels’ or apocryphal books?

Speaker: Liam Thatcher – Liam is one of the leaders of Christ Church London and is regular speaker and writer about theology, including on his blog – Leaven on Earth


February 17th 2018 – Made For a Purpose

Genesis & Creation

Genesis – In this session we will get to grips with the Book of Genesis, following God’s interaction which his people from Creation to the death of Joseph.

Creation – Here we will look at how God created the universe. Was it in six literal days or billions of years? We will examine these differing views and how they impact our view of God and the Bible.

Speaker: Andy Johnston – Andy is one of the leaders at Kings Community Church Southampton and head of the Catalyst Leadership Training Program.


March 17th 2018 – This Is Our God

Exodus & The Character of God

Exodus – In this session we will get to grips with the great themes running through the Book of Exodus, focusing on God’s deliverance of his people from slavery in Egypt.

The Character of God – In this session we will answer the questions: What is God really like? What is his character like? And how does this impact how he relates to us?

Speaker: Mike Tindall – Mike is the lead Pastor of Grace Church Manchester and is also the Acts 29 Regional Director for England.


April 21st 2018 – Understanding Our Biggest Problem

Leviticus to Deuteronomy & Sin

Leviticus to Deuteronomy – What was the significance of the various ceremonial laws given to the Israelites at Sinai and what were the repercussions of the spying expedition to Canaan? These are just some of the questions that will be examined in this session that looks at the 40 years the Israelites spent in the wilderness, culminating with the death of Moses.

Sin – If you don’t know what the problem is why would you seek a Solution? This session will examine in detail humanity’s biggest problem, sin. What is it? Where did it come from? What does it do and what are the consequences of it? are all dealt with in this session.

Speaker: Matt Fell – Matt Runs the Intentional Discipleship year training program for the Relational Mission Movement


May 19th 2018 – Joshua to Ruth & Mission

Joshua to Ruth – This session will look at how the Israelites took the promised land and settled in it. It will cover the period of history where God’s people were governed by a series of judges, before examining the short story of Ruth.

Mission – What is our mission as Christians? Why is it important and how should we best go about it? These are just some of the questions that this session will address as we delve into the topic of Mission.

Speaker: Andy McCullough – Andy is a cross cultural church planter who has been in working for the last seven years in a mega-city in the Middle East.


June 16th 2018 – What Is the Presence of God?

Samuel to Chronicles & the Presence of God

Samuel to Chronicles – What makes a good King? What Makes a bad King? This session will look at the Kings who ruled Israel from the first king, Saul, to the very last king who ruled before the Babylonians conquered the land.

The Presence of God – What is the presence of God? Why is it so important? And how can we know when we are in the presence of God? These are just some of the questions this session will explore.

Speaker: Dave Horsfall – Dave is the Associate Director of Leeds School of Theology.


September 15th 2018 – Engaging With God

Psalms, Worship & Prayer

Psalms – Many Christians name Psalms is their favourite book of the Old Testament. But what is it about this book that draws so many to it? What does its rich poetry, prayers and songs teach us? In this session, we will delve into this amazing book to discover more about how it and how it benefits us in our everyday lives.

Worship and Prayer – In this session we will delve into two things essential to engaging with God: Worship and prayer. We will ask the questions what is worship and prayer? How do we worship and pray? And what often holds us back from truly worshiping and praying?

Speaker: TBC


October 20th 2018 – Following God in a World that Hurts

Wisdom Literature & Suffering

Wisdom Literature – In this session we look at the books Job, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes. We will seek to get to grips with the main themes that emerge from them. Themes such as suffering, guidance and the meaning of life.

Suffering – Why is there suffering in the world? Where did it come from? Why does God allow it to happen? And why do some people suffer more than others? This session will deal with these questions and many more as it deals with topic of suffering.

Speaker: Justin Mote – Justin is Director of the North West Ministry Training Course and Associate Minister at St Andrew’s Church, Leyland.


November 17th 2018 – How to Live For God in the World

Exile Literature & Engaging with Culture

Exile Literature – What was it like for the Israelites to be taken from the promised land? How did they adapt to exile? This session will look at the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. These books tell us what happened to Gods people after being captured by the Babylonians and having to live in exile.

Engaging with Culture – What is culture? How does it affect us? And why is it important to understand the culture that we are in when sharing the gospel? This session will grapple with these questions as we explore how to engage with Culture.

Speaker: David Devenish – David is Leader of New Frontiers International, Church Planter and author of several books including ‘Demolishing Strongholds‘.


December 15th 2018 – You Have a Part to Play

Prophets & Spiritual Gifts

Prophets – In this session we will do an overview of the major and minor prophets in the Bible. We will examine the situations they prophesied into and how their messages fit into the overarching narrative of the Bible.

Spiritual Gifts – This session will look at what the Bible teaches about spiritual gifts. We will look at what they are, how they are to be exercised and why it is important that we embrace them.

Speaker: Andy Martin – Andy is part of the leadership team at ChurchCentral in Birmingham. He has done a lot of work training people for cross-cultural missionary work and church planting, and he heads up the World Mission stream of the Broadcast Network.


COURSE CONTENT – YEAR TWO(Dates to be confirmed)

The Relationship at the Heart of the Universe – John & The Trinity
What God Is Doing in the World – Synoptics & The Kingdom of God
God’s Power in Us – Acts 1-8 & The Holy Spirit
It’s All About Jesus – Paul’s Journeys/Letters & Christ
Know the Gospel; Preach the Gospel – Romans and Salvation
You Can Change – Corinthians and Sanctification
God’s Glory on Display – Ephesians & Church
Living with Spiritual Power – Hebrews to Jude & Spiritual Warfare
God Wins – Revelation & Eschatology
Bringing the Story Up to Date – Church History

Each session will contain a reading list of resources to consult for further study


The course paid for by Christ Church Manchester and therefore is free to applicants. Due to venue capacity, there will be a cap on numbers so we ask that people can commit to all dates. If you would like to apply please contact the course leader, Andy Brownlee to book a place.


All training sessions are held at Luther King House, Brighton Grove, Manchester, M14 5JP. Free parking is available on site or on the surrounding streets:

Course Leader

Andy Brownlee runs our School of Theology. Andy has an MA in Church History and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Missional Leadership. He is an elder at Christ Church Manchester and leads one of its sites: CCM:Withington.

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