I am not going to lie to you; today is a big day when you’re 18.

I can still remember my A-level result day. I had to drive to school to get my results (it was 1995 in the pre email era!).

My worst suspicions were confirmed when I failed all of them. It turns out that I wasn’t quite clever enough to be able to start a punk band, drink too much beer and chase girls as well as work hard at school. I had to prioritise and so I concentrated my efforts on beer and girls over education. I kind of regret that decision, but that punk band was incredible (this is clearly a lie as I have all the musical ability of a small pony).

Anyways, at this time of year there tends to be a whole swath of blog posts about how so-and-so failed their A-levels but they have since turned their lives around, worked hard and have achieved their dreams!

I hope this isn’t one of those blogs. What I would say is that the next few years of your life are the most formative. The decisions that you make from 18 to 23 (ish) have the potential to define your life for a good few decades. Your A-level results can matter and so can a degree, if going to university is the right thing for you, but it doesn’t end there. The way you treat people, the church that you choose, the way you spend your money, your attitude at work and the way you conduct your relationships will have a bigger impact on your life than your education.

Don’t get down if you’ve done badly and don’t be too elated if you’ve done well! See the whole picture.


Written by:Tim Simmonds