The book is by a guy called Steve Addison and after reading it for an hour or so I stopped for a break, picked up my phone and scrolled through my Facebook feed, where I spotted a blog by a Manchester church leader called Nick Duffy. The beginning of the blog went like this: “Last year, having read a book by Steve Addison called “Movements that change the world…”


That got my attention…


He then shared that after reading the book he enrolled on a course by Steve Addison where he learned to share his faith simply with people on the street, lead them to Christ and disciple them. He shared how he had seen people come to Christ and that he was giving up leading his church to share the gospel with people on the street full time.


I thought WOW! I looked down at the book in my hands and thought this could be a dangerous book!


I quickly finished reading it and knew I couldn’t just not do anything about it so I found the nearest course that Steve Addison was running (which was in Leicester of all places) enrolled and went along.


That was September. At the course I learned how to simply share the gospel, lead people to Christ and disciple them. Then we went out on the streets of Leicester and put what we had learned into practice. I’ll be honest the idea of doing this terrified me but I thought if it goes badly its ok, because I’m never going to be in Leicester again!


But far from being rejected on the streets we found people open to be prayed for and open to hear the Gospel. I was astounded. Something changed in me too. I found that when I stepped out in faith, through my fear, God changed something inside of me. It was as if something came alive when I began sharing the gospel with people on the street.


When I came back from the course I couldn’t stop talking about it. Someone asked me: Andy has Steve Addison turned you into an evangelist? I said ‘no, I think I’ve just been inspired.’ The Course inspired me to take Jesus words seriously. It inspired me to see that the Harvest is indeed plentiful, there are many people out there just waiting to trust in Christ if someone would just ask them to.


When I got back to Manchester I got in contact with Nick and asked him to do the same training course I had done in Leicester, at our Church in Withington. He said, you’re on!


Since then I have been going out on Thursday afternoons on the streets of Manchester with Nick, Praying for people and sharing the gospel with them. There isn’t enough space to write about the great conversations we’ve had but I’ve been so surprised by the openness. I’ve shared the gospel more times in the last month than in the previous year put together.


Last thursday I couldn’t make it out due to work commitments. little did I know what I’d miss. Nick text me that evening saying “we knocked on 30 doors, shared the gospel 15 times, 5 people interested in more, 3 people saying yes to Jesus!’


Praise God! And today another girl wanted to follow Jesus too! People are getting saved on the streets of Manchester! It is happening and it is happening often.


If you want to be part of this, if you want to learn how to share the gospel with your friends, family or work colleagues or even with strangers then why not come along to our ‘gospel conversation course’ at Manchester Bridge Club on Friday 25th Nov (7:30pm-9pm) to Saturday 26th Nov (9am-3:30pm).


For more information or to book in contact Andy Brownlee at


Written by:Andy Brownlee