This dream led Colin and Mary Baron to move up to Manchester and over the next decade they got to work. As a result of their efforts, a number of churches were started, including Bolton Family Church (now called Grace Church), Christ Central Church, South Manchester Family Church and Stockport Family Church.

After a few years of leading a church in America, the Barons returned to Manchester in 2006. They were invited to join a small house church named East Manchester family church, which quickly grew, started public meetings in Hyde Town Hall and became Christ Church Manchester.

As the church continued to grow, that dream of twenty churches came to the fore once more, and CCM began looking to plant new sites into different communities in Manchester.

The first of these sites was started in 2009 in a vodka bar in Fallowfield, led by Tim and Vicki Simmonds. This site now has two meetings every Sunday and has become known as CCM:City.

Meanwhile in the east side of the city, the congregation meeting in Hyde felt led by God to move to Gorton, and have become established in the area as CCM:Gorton, partnering with the Oasis Centre and Choices Community Trust to bring life to this part of the city.

Towards the end of 2011, another site began to form – initially with a group meeting midweek in the basement of a Withington café, and then from early 2013 with a public Sunday meeting known as CCM:Withington.

We are currently dreaming of 8 sites and 500 people. Our newest Community has begun as CCM:Kingsway on Sunday mornings in Burnage. We also have a midweek group that is beginning to form to start another site in the City Centre.

The dream started with twenty churches in and around Manchester, but we have also developed an international focus. We want to kickstart a similar church planting movements in major European cities, and we are currently helping to plant churches in Dresden and Munich.

We believe that this is just the beginning of the story and are looking forward to what will happen next.