On Wednesday June 22nd, CCM welcome the Watoto Children’s Choir to Gorton, where they will be performing the ‘Oh What Love’ concert.

The Watoto choir is made up of children from Uganda who have lost one or both of their parents. The children have been brought into the Watoto family and live in the Watoto villages, where all their needs are met as they grow.

In this concert, the children will be sharing their stories through song and dance, and the concert is journey from despair to victory as the children demonstrate the new life that is found in God and the Fatherhood that he has for us all.

The concert will be at Wright Robinson College in Gorton on Wednesday June 22nd, and it will start at 7:30pm. There is no charge for admittance.

To find out more about the Watoto ministry, please visit:


For more information about the concert, email Charles Kachitsa (charleskachitsa@yahoo.co.uk).


Written by:Tom O'Toole