This week we decided to revisit a vital area of ministry, children and young people’s ministry and discuss what this can look like across different churches and the challenges it presents. We’re very lucky to have Vicky, who is incredibly experienced and dedicated to children’s ministry and serves in this at the CCM: City site. She shared with us the challenges and breakthroughs associated this Godly calling on her life.

As many people will know, an exhausting amount of preparation and consideration goes in to making sessions that are engaging and challenging across all age ranges. My own Mum taught in the Sunday School for over 30 years, and most Saturday nights, she was up until 3am, raiding the craft cupboard for old toilet rolls and sufficiently glittery stickers that would inspire peaceful behaviour.

I’ve been so fortunate to be close to many incredibly gifted Christian young people’s leaders throughout my life, who are driven by a Godly desire: To encourage children and young people to think for themselves and develop a personal relationship with Jesus, and for them to know how loved and valued they are as part of the church family.

It is becoming an increasingly common problem across recent decades to lose young people from churches, if they begin to feel that church isn’t meeting their needs or answering their questions. Many church communities across the world are recognising this issue, and the loss it can have upon the church. Therefore many projects activities, services, discussions etc are set up in order to serve and be served by our children and young people, to reinforce the fact that everyone’s contribution and opinion within the church is valued, regardless of age or experience. Young people’s ministry is so often the first point of contact for so many families outside of the church, in engaging with Jesus. This is amazing that it’s our young people who are boldly chatting about Jesus in the school playground and inviting friends along to find out more!

John 6 v 9 states: “Here is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?

I read this almost imagining the excited anticipation of the disciples, waiting to see what miracle Jesus is going to do next with one child’s humble offering. And lo and behold, one child’s trust in Jesus that day meant that 5000 people didn’t go hungry but instead shared together in fellowship.

Let’s be inspired by our young people who pray, serve and share their wisdom with us as a church. They aren’t just the future, they are the present, and have an equally important role to play in the building of the kingdom. When we talk to them, let’s ask them about their own challenges and questions they are facing and support them for the individuals they are. Furthermore let’s pray for patience and wisdom for our young people’s leaders, and even just share with them podcasts of services we think they may appreciate.

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Written by:Heather Chiles